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Welcome to Allerton RADS

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RADS presents "What Price For Justice?"


Opening night - Wednesday 9th - Saturday 12th May (inclusive) Doors open at 7pm plus a special afternoon performance on Sunday 13th May - 2.30pm (doors open at 2pm)


Daughter of a jewish / german judge, Ruth Barnett was one of the Kinder Transport children who escaped to safety in Britian. She is now 82 years old and lives in London.


On the 15th september 1935, Hitler introduced the neuremberg laws which stripped jewish german citizens of their citizenship, rights and their property. They were called "laws for the protection of german blood and german honour" and "reich citizenship law"


The play is produced by Ruth's son, Barry, with Ruth giving a Q&A session after the Sunday performance.


'What Price For Justice?" is a touching play, based on the true story of Ruth Bernett and her family during Nazi Germany.


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